Toy Safety

Specifications, colors and content may vary from illustrations. Remove all packaging before giving to your child. Please keep this packaging for reference since it contains important information. Young children in play are unaware of potential hazards and dangers, therefore responsible adult supervision is essential. Always place on a cleared flat surface away from sharp objects such as stones, twigs or any other object that can cause injury to the player or damage to the hopper. This product is not a flotation device. Do not use on water. This product must only be inflated by an adult. Inflate with hand pump (do not use high pressure compressors). Do not over inflate. Wipe clean only. Recommended for children taller than 30 inches and above 20 lbs. 

Keep this toy away from fire and heat sources, as it can cause permanent damages. This toy will not bounce happily ever after if deformed by heat. Avoid contact with furniture or painted surfaces over a long period of time to prevent discoloration. 

Children must be supervised by an Adult at all times while using Bounce Buddies. Always use on a safe, dry, level and open area. Keep away from stairs, hills, sharp objects and hard corners. Bounce Buddies are not to be used as a floatation device. Bounce Buddies Co./Simple Sourcing LLC is not responsible for any/all injuries occurred while using Bounce Buddies products.